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Bold Ambition
Comfortably Numb
Planet Che
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So Far So Good
So Good
Ten G
Queen Adelaide

Awards Include

4x1st SAHPA

Overall Champion.

16x1st SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

18x2nd SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

16x3rd SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

3x1st South Australian Long Distance Club
Overall Champion.
(only flyer to win 3 times)

4x2nd SAHPA
Overall Champion.

5x1st SAHPA
Bird of The Year

Results Include
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Record Breaking
Best Ever SAHPA
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New Record 2017
First 7 placings!!
South Australian Derby 400klm against 1,229b
Best Ever SAHPA
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Most Association
Aggregate Points
Ever in SAHPA
295 Points
(12 races 2018 season)

Hamilton Racing Pigeons
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Matt Whitechurch successful in Meadows One Loft Race

Hi Greg 

The Meadows One Loft Race held there feature race on the 14th of September at a distance of 573kms. Was light 10-15km South East winds (headwind) with 511 birds left for the feature race. The bird you bred for me to enter in The Meadows OLR SA 20 12258 BCH "Bandit" was 4th Place after 8hrs 23 minutes Velocity 1138mpm winning $10,000 (Landed with the Winner). Bandit also took out 4th ACE Pigeon for the 3 Races that were held. I'm incredibly greatful Greg for helping me achieve this great result. 

My hen "Jackson" which finished 11th ACE Pigeon  carries half your blood as the dam was bred by you SA 17 05165 BCH. Thanks again Greg greatly appreciated.
Matt Whitechurch -Melbourne

Roy Xia Wins 1st Ace Pigeon in Meadows One Loft Race Series.

Hi Greg 

I just wanted you to know that the 1st Ace Pigeon in the Meadows One Loft Race Competition "Lucky 36" is bred off your Twins Pair. Every year I have success with your pigeons, they are unreal man. Totally fantastic pigeons. I just love them man.
Roy Xia -Sydney

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