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Top Performers
(All in strong competition)

Bold Ambition
Comfortably Numb
Planet Che
Sky Diver
So Far So Good
So Good
Ten G
Queen Adelaide

Awards Include

4x1st SAHPA

Overall Champion.

18x1st SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

19x2nd SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

18x3rd SAHPA Races
(not including SRC or SDC)

3x1st South Australian Long Distance Club
Overall Champion.
(only flyer to win 3 times)

4x2nd SAHPA
Overall Champion.

6x1st SAHPA
Bird of The Year

Results Include
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Record Breaking
Best Ever SAHPA
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SAHPA Record
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New Record 2017
First 7 placings!!
South Australian Derby 400klm against 1,229b
Best Ever SAHPA
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Most Association
Aggregate Points
Ever in SAHPA
295 Points
(12 races 2018 season)

Birds For Sale
Quality, Type and Performance

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The Complete Sale of all our pigeons has begun

Hamilton Racing Pigeons
Our top class family is supported by top results at a high level of the sport for us & others. 
Hamilton Pigeons - Quality, Type and Performance
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Please note. Due to retiring from the sport all of our pigeons are to be sold. Some at set prices, some by online auction and some by private negotiation. Watch our website for details.

As we get closer to selling all of our pigeons this site will take on more news and views.

This week we will look through the scrapbook and highlight SAHPA champions from years gone by.


Exhibitor/Display spaces are available FREE
To book contact Paul Springett ph 0417829011
Gavin Harris ph 0418853111

Exhibitor/Display spaces are available FREE
To book contact Paul Springett ph 0417829011
Gavin Harris ph 0418853111

Forward Bookings for SAHPA presentation night
Saturday November 26th
Interstate visitors more than welcome..
Contact SAHPA General Secretary John Harper ph 0448883512
SAHPA Treasurer Tom Tirrell ph 0414272682

"Quality is our promise"

Boost your performance with Hamilton pigeons
Exceptional in intelligence, speed and endurance.

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